Best Credit Card for students in India – Review and Highlights

Credit Card for students in India

Are you a college student or looking for the credit card for your child stepping into the college.

I am sure you are in the right place.


The question is How can I get a student credit card?

There are a lot of banks offering different card cards beneficial for a different segment of the market. All you have to do is the selection.

But another thing comes in:

What are the major requirement and benefits in your credit card you are searching for?

I mean to say, First, take a paper and a pen and ask your self where are you or your child going to use the credit card.

Some of the major areas, a college student use his/her major portion of expenditure.

  • Dining
  • Buying Books or study material
  • Traveling
  • Shopping

Secondly, Eligibility criteria also play an important entry role for the applicant. But for that credit card against your Fixed deposit and Addon card, you can get your entry passes.

Or sometimes parents give their own personal credit card to their children (in that scenario no eligibility criteria is required).

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Another option ‘ADD ON’ card issued to those card users with an excellent track record like (repayment timely payment).

Now without wasting time lets drive in and get your best own credit card.

Here is a few Credit Card for students in India issued to the students with No income against Fixed Deposit.

State Bank is India is widely popular bank not only for its banking services but also for other products.

This card is considered to be one of the best credit cards for students currently available.

SBI Student Plus Advantage card

sbi student plus advantage card

State bank of India gives this credit card a name ” Your Education Partner“.

…..because this card is designed exclusively for the student demographic.

SBI Student Plus Advantage Card – Review and Feature Benefits

  • SBI Plus Advantage Card comes with ‘0’ (Zero) Annual Fee and ‘0’ (Zero) Renewal Fee [on the expenditure of ₹ 100 per day].
  • You will get interested free credit time limit up to 50 days [take full benefit of your billing cycle] – It sounds interesting for the college students.
  • Enjoy 10X Reward Points on your spending at departmental and grocery store.
  • For every expenditure of ₹ 100, get {1} reward points.
  • Filling Fuel for ₹ 500 to ₹ 3000 every time bring you to take benefit of fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5%. – Another interesting point for college students.
  • SBI Student Plus card can convert your purchases into your EMIs – Which is great.

Things to know 

  1. One of the Disadvantages of this card is “Only customers already avail Education Loan from SBI while opt for this card.
  2. It is mandatory that the customer will have a fixed deposit in any branch of State bank of India.
  3. Contact your nearest SBI branch to apply for your SBI Student Plus Advantage Card.

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Few Benefits of Student Credit Card

  • Generally, Student Credit card comes with zero joining fee and zero annual fees.
  • The student Credit card is issued against fixed deposit, which required, No past credit history.
  • Cash withdrawal facility is also available to the student, (Student get the real benefit of cash withdrawal) they required instead cash ~
  • Fuel surcharge waiver – which is a real bonus to the student.

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How to get an add-on student credit card?

An add-on credit card is issued to the existing credit card holder with a good track record.

Usually, individuals opt for add-on cards for their spouse, parents or children.

Add-on card is a good option for the students and parents both in case of an emergency.

This card used the credit limit of the main credit card of their parents.

Almost every bank issue add-on credit card to their existing customers.

Just like that!

Features of Add-on credit card for Students

  • Add-on card required No paperwork.
  • Uses from the add-on credit card is absorbed from the main card limit.
  • The expenditure made from an add-on credit card is merged in the main card.
  • The Bill (statement) comes to be single for both the cards.
  • The Add-on card holder comes under surveillance of the main cardholder, In other words, the parents keep a close eye on the expenditure of their child.

Summing up, Ask your parents for the credit card against the fixed deposit or Add-on credit card.

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