How HDFC Best Price Save Smart Credit Card benefits the user!

HDFC Best price Save Smart Credit Card

HDFC Best Price Save Smart Credit Card another great credit card specifically for the customers of Walmart supermarket, which is popularly known as ‘Best Price’. This card is designed for the customers of Best Price. Some people know it – HDFC Bank-Walmart Credit Card.

HDFC Bank assumes to grab around 22% of members holder’s best price membership card which is around 1 million.

I personally own HFDC money cashback credit card, to be honest, I am very much satisfied with the cashback and my best Price is one of the stores I use to take all the grocery.

Eligibility of Best Price Save Smart Credit Card

The majority of people are not aware that Best price store only entertain the customers who hold their card, and not everybody easily get their card, they have to submit their shop documents to get best price card, basically, best price is a kind of whole seller market, the purpose of Walmart is to get provide cheaper goods to the dealers, which is indirectly benefit the customers. Get more information here.

  • The applicant must possess a Best Price membership Card.
  • The age limit of the user must be 21 – 65 Years Old.

HDFC Best Price Save Smart Credit Card Fees & Charges

  • Joining/First year Fee – ₹ 500 (waived off on spending ₹ 20,000  in 90 Days) – it’s quite easy for the cardholder.
  • Renewal Fee – ₹ 500 as well (also waived off if you manage to spend ₹ 50,000 in 12 months – it’s really amazing.

Spending from your card in both the case doesn’t mandatory on the best price only, you can spend anywhere, it would be included. 

GST for Fees & Charges / Interest transactions are applicable.

Features of HDFC Save smart Card

HDFC Best Price Save Smart Credit Card features not only cover benefits if you use it at best price, but also favorable at every spending you make, How you benefit from HDFC credit card here it is :

Cashback Offers

  • You will get 1% cashback on your spending up to ₹10,000 in a month on Best Price Stores.HDFC Best Price Save Smart Credit Card
  • Get 0.5% cashback on all the retail transactions with a maximum of ₹150 cashback in a month.

Terms and Conditions

  • The minimum transaction of  ₹150 is countable
  • Cashback will be collected in cash points redeemable at ₹1 per cash point.

Milestone Benefits

  • Spend ₹25000 or more every month and get a Cashback of ₹500 flat. {@2%}
  • Receive cashback of ₹250 on spending ₹10000 every month on dining, utility, and IRCTC transactions. {@2.5%}

Other Complimentary Vouchers

  • On spending of ₹75000 in 3 months and get the Best Price voucher ₹500.
  • Purchase 4 items at Best Price Stores within the first 3 months/90 days of card issuance and get the Best Price voucher worth ₹150.

Other benefits

  • Get 1% Fuel Surcharge waived off on fuel transactions (Minimum transaction required ₹400, get maximum CashBack of ₹250 per statement cycle).
  • Get 50 days credit interest-free on your Best Price Save Smart card.

With the extent of competitive pricing that exists in the industry, every discount, offer, and cashback you get goes a long way in helping your business, the credit interest-free days of 50day help the retailer to blocking capital in your inventory.

For instance, running a grocery store locally, you can pass on the benefits to your customers too along with some credit days you receive from your credit card. This will attract local customers and increase the numbers monthly.

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