What would be the salary of “housewife mom”?

Salary of housewife mom!

Are you out of your mind, 99% of people think of it.

In our society, many things are frozen “unchangeable”.

A cleaner always works as a cleaner.

A Driver always drives a car.

Working for others always required a treated of respect, even if you are paying for it.

Have you ever paid or calculated salary of housewife mom.


Think about it.

Who much husbands or children have to pay if the government declare to pay for the services and love of housewife mom.

Every household prepares its financial planning which includes grocery, tuition fee, rent, loan but never calculate the Salary of housewife mom.

Every housewife thinks of easy work from home to earn its own salary to spend on whatever she wants.

Most of the housewife mom save some amount from the expenditure received from his husband. It is her money.

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Working hours of housewife mom

Literally, when I think of my wife, I come with tears in my eyes:

I like to share some of my personal experience, my wife (Aradhana) use to walk up in the morning at 5:00 AM,

Use to prepare breakfast for children, send children to school, breakfast, and lunchbox for me.

I am sure all housewife mom face the same routine every morning.

The whole day till 12:00 PM in the night, she works like hell.

She works for 16-18 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Have to ever think of working that much without pay, just because you are a father.



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Role of housewife mom

Housewife mom contributes several duty in single-handed work. ” I cant saw job because the work is unpaid”

Role of housewife mom


The role is clear, what would be the pay scale.

Some of us working in HR (Human resources) understand what would the next step.

Housewife mom qualify all the test, even you don’t have the replacement.

What would be the pay scale?

It’s difficult to judge.

I have an idea!

Why don’t we calculated by assuming to cost, if you get help in outsources?

  • Role of mother – If you find a babysitter for taking care of children it will cost you ₹ 7000 per month (the cheapest one).
  • Role of Teacher – A home tuition for your single child will cost you around – ₹ 4000 per month.
  • Cleaner – A minimum amount of ₹ 900 per month is spent on cleaning the house.
  • Cook – A perfect food to cook is an art, one of my relative pay ₹ 3000 per month.
  • Driver – Hiring a driver on a daily basis for 3 hours will cost you ₹ 500 per day @ ₹ 15000 per month.
  • Maid – A person takes care of all stuff in your house take away ₹ 7000 per month (taking on the lower side).
  • Security person – Every child feels secure with their mother. I pay security expenditure of my society ₹ 2500 per month.

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What would be the salary of housewife mom?

The love towards husband and child – NO ONE compare with anything.

How can anybody compare it with money?

Any amount we assume is not enough for a mother to payback, it will take lives.

As per the assumption above the total amount calculated is:

₹ 39400 🙂

Yes, My calculation is correct.

Husbands (including me), don’t forget to prepare a paycheque of the amount ₹ 39400 next month.

I am sure housewives will definitely forward this article to their husbands.

And if it’s difficult:

Why don’t we plan a special treatment or gift or a tour for our housewife mom?

Think about it! 🙂

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