Home loan EMI Calculator excel sheet with prepayment option India

Home loan EMI calculator

Home Loan one of the life-supporting toll for the majority of employees or self-employed. Have you calculated, Is it really financially beneficial or you are paying your valuable earning to the Bank. Frankly speaking, you are paying more than double to the Bank for your Home Loan. But the fact is “You don’t have a … Read more

How to Multiply Money in India – [PROVEN ways]

How to Multiply Money in India

  Almost every Indian wondering and debating How to Multiply Money in India, the approach for this question for every person is different according to their core profession. Some are already in the small or middle scale business, Some are self-employed, some are employees, some still wondering to do something for living. If you want … Read more

Financial Resolution 2019 (That Actually Works)

Financial Resolution

Every year comes with an enthusiasm for new resolutions to achieve the target and implementation of new habits which will impact the whole life. Have you set a resolution for your financial health. In this article “Financial Resolution 2019”, you get to know low efforts resolution which will impact your holding. Making you money health and fruitful, … Read more

Effect of NPA (Non performing assets) in Banking Sector

Impact of Non performing assets

The role of the banking sector in economic transformation is significant as banks play a vital role in providing the desired financial resources to the needy sectors. Bank itself posses the controlling power of the economy. The flow of money person to person, business to business, country to country just due to the banking system. … Read more

What is shareholding pattern – Awesome Indicator for investor

what is shareholding pattern

The shareholding pattern of the company reveals some of the facts or future prediction of the company movement, In this article, you will learn the significance of shareholding pattern analysis. While investing in the company or purchasing a stock you become the partial owner of the company. But there are a lot of others owners which … Read more

Allow me to share awesome information about PPF (Public Provident Fund)

public provident fund

Public provident fund (PPF) is one of the best investment segments available in India. The government control the interest rate and guarantee the investor return. Cutting long story short: In this article, you will get all the basic information related to the public provident fund. How PPF boost the value of the investment & what is PPF? … Read more