How to save money each month – 32 Unique Ideas

how to save money each month

Money is all surrounded like air, In every aspect of life, money comes before us. There are several ideas we all aware and smart enough to implement to save money.

In every aspect of any activity, there is a possibility to save money.

Basically saving money is the art of “getting the same service or product in return of lesser amount which was earlier paid”.

Indian women are god gifted to negotiate with vegetable vendors and get the same vegetable in a lesser amount.

Am I right?

So let’s begin with the department of women! Grocery.

Grocery consist of expenditure which is mandatory every month.

According to the report of Hindustan times: an average household spends around 40.3 % on food, which includes grocery expenditure, and restaurant expenditure.

What if we reduce this percentage by 5-6 %.

How to save money in the grocery store (8 ways)

Purchase of grocery contains 2 formats.

# Online (prefer online websites like Amazon, big basket, Paytm and many more)

# Offline (Offline consist of open markets like reliance, best price, Dmart and many more)

grocery store

Register yourself as VIP member in the grocery store

Regular updates like lunch of new product or discount offer, bulk sale offers are conveyed to the VIP members of the grocery store through email, SMS or some time direct calls

That brings the customer to save real money to avail the benefits of the offers.

Always plan and prepare your shopping list

Preparing a shopping list before keeping your foot outside for store is a good habit, to focus your self, and also save from additional burden of expenditure, which ultimately saves you some money.

But this is not the big deal.


The trump card is that shopping list will work as glass on your eyes, which allow you not to focus on items which are not on the list.

That will remind you every time. “Hey, Do you really need it?”

Are you ready to spend more? but we are here to save some real money.

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Find out when the discounts are ON

If we talk about grocery stores or FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) business, the focus of the company or stores keeps the rolling as fast as possible, that will increase the turnover and enhance their profit.

Am I changing the topic? What does it mean?

For the purpose of fast rolling (selling the product quickly and grab the profit and repeat this process) is one of the marketing strategies. “We will talk about this later”.

The store will open the discount offer for getting those items or product which are behaving as a hurdle and hold the piece of the area.

Open sell on discount not only help the grocery store but also helpful for the customers, to grab the branded stuff on huge discount.

I recently purchased a Nike shoe on a great discount which is earlier available on ₹ 7999, I purchase it on ₹ 3599.

Never miss the Aisles of free gifts

Every time I visit the store I never forget to visit free gifts counter, any free or complimentary gift according to your bill is also one of the money-saving tolls during grocery expenditure.

Sometime you will get an additional item which you really required and ready to pay for it.

Selection of the right product with the right price

Most of you are used to buy products with there name of the brand, because of the trust of my grandmother, my mother and now my family.

My point is!

Why don’t we compare the price with the different brand, maybe we get some more quantity?

I am sorry to say that, but we are here to save some money instead of keeping your relationship with the brand.

I don’t want to heart your fillings.

I realize the fact when I prefer a similar brand of shampoo pouches, I get more qty in the same price band.

Try generic products

Generic products are those products which were designed as a brand of the store, the product is the same but the price banned is hugely different.

I don’t know about you, but last time I selected generic masala instead of branded masala. Sugar is one of the commodities which is cheapest in generic form.

Refer frozen food instead of fresh

Although I don’t recommend you If you are health conscience.

Frozen foods last longer and they’re definitely not what they used to be, but sometimes we get cheap and good products.

safal products

The best example is Saffel frozen products. The availability of the commodity in natural form for the whole year is difficult, no barriers of offseason are applied.

Take advantage of bulk discounts

I always take advantage of bulk discounts while grabbing bathing soups, Normally grocery store floats offer for qty discounts.

If you plan accordingly you can avail bulk discount and manage the product requirement on an alternative basis.

One’s I calculated, this strategy saves me ₹ 750 on the purchase of grocery of ₹ 10000.

It’s 7.5 %, that will make you a huge difference.

How to save money while eating in the restaurant (7 ways)

An average person uses to eat outside once in a week with their friends, family, and colleagues. Here are some areas you can save some real money.


Find a restaurant gives a family discount

It is not difficult to find restaurant offers a family discount, they will give an additional 10 -15 % discount on your bill just to attract people.

On the other hand that would money saving idea for us.

Bring your own water bottle

Serving of material water with additional cost is habitual in every restaurant.

You are paying for water too, I recommend why don’t you get your own water bottle, that will save few bucks from your bill.

(If you buy the water bottle from restaurant never left behind).

Prefer buffet instead of a plated meal

Every restaurant runs a small portion of buffet for there customer, that brings variety along with snacks, drinks, and desserts with nominal price band for vegetarian and nonvegetarians both.

In that scenario you are sitting on no limit table, EAT EAT EAT just depending upon your capability.

I personally like the baked vegetable, but the problem is, I am not satisfied even after cleaning the whole plate, so I order another plate.

baked vegetable

One day my friends ask me to opt for the buffet and for the same price I satisfy my self from baked vegetable and also tested all the dishes on the table.

Really my mouth fell watery while writing this.

Finally, the buffet model not only satisfies your desire but also satisfy your wallet.

Select kids and family-friendly restaurant

If you get same combo facilities on the restaurant like kids zone, live football math or your favorite TV season along with a glass of red wine and a delicious meal, all in one place, that would be a perfect holiday evening.

Getting full comfort in one place attracts you each weekend and also you don’t have to visit some other place for your children too.

Share your meal with children

Children are so hungry in the beginning but after having a couple by bit, rest is always left.

Implement the same formulae of your home.

Share the meal with your kid, that will once again reduce your meal expenditure in the restaurant.

Avoid Full plates dishes if not required

There is no shame in ordering half plate dishes if you’re really not required.

That would cut your meal bill half. In some restaurants, the quantity of the dishes is more than enough for two people.

I remember those days when I am newly married, I use to order the half plate of 4 dishes instead of ordering full plates of 2 dishes.

That brings a variety with the same amount of expenditure.

Skip Desert

Desert after a delicious meal feels good, but the dessert prices in restaurants are a very expensive option. Instead, prefer to have something tasty at your home.

Another one is – Never forget to ask for the complimentary drink instead of ordering one.

Easy ways to save money while household utility expenditure (4ways)

After the majority of food items grocery and restaurant, the number of households by country household expenditure falls second place.

Which includes:

  • Rent
  • Electricity bill
  • Mobile/Telephone bills
  • DTH bills
  • Internet bill (lifeline of every human being)
  • Fuel or commuting expenditure

Last month I really realize some of the minor monthly expenditure make a major difference while implementing some small changes. I replace all the lights and bulbs with LED bulbs, really my electricity bill drops like a rock.

Now we will discuss in depth how we can trim to start our mission of financial freedom.

Review your internet plan

Recently I review my internet airtel broadband plan, I was using 699 plan + GST.

Airtel plan

As you can see above, I am getting data of 100 GB, which is more then enough I required and mu uses is around 30-40 GB.

And the speed is 40 Mbps. The twist is “I am getting the speed of 8 Mbps in my area”, that was disclosed by Airtel, no issue.

So why am I paying 250 + GST?

I quickly mail them and switch my plan to 449.

Review your mobile and telephone bill

As a matter of fact, the same scenario falls under mobile and telephone bill.

In the fast-changing world, there are frequent changes falls under the mobile (prepaid or postpaid) plan.

I recommend to review your plan on a quarterly basis and check whether you are sitting on the cheapest plan or not, that will take a few minutes.

Review your DTH plan

Once again I share my experience with my DTH plan. On the other day, I checked my plan in details online.

I observe some of the channels and add-on are subscribed by my basic plan, which cost me an additional 45 % of my basic plan.

I am shocked because those addon and additional channel are already available in other forms with my package.

I quickly removed those unwanted channels and what I see:

Now I don’t have to recharge my package every month.

How to save electricity bill (few steps to explore)

Saving of electricity bill consists of several easy and affordable ideas.

I used this “affordable” word because you don’t have to lose or compromise anything.

All you have to follow some basic steps:

  • Switch all your lights with LED lights.
  • Don’t forget to switch off your main button before living you’re home.
  • Always switch off your television, DTH, setup box from main switch (not just by remote control)
  • Use only low consumption home electric appliances (television, air conditioner, washing machine etc)
  • Always keep your air conditioner on auto trip mode when temperature reach.
  • Switch Off all your electric items while leaving your room.
  • Always just use lights and fans nearby you are setting, instead of all lights in the room.
  • Always just switch on your water heater just before you go for a bath.

I am sure some of you are already following those step and already increases the weight of your wallet.

Always INSPIRE others.

Few Steps to Save Some Money from your Vehicle (7 ideas)

When it comes to drive or travel somewhere, the cost of fuel comes into play. Fuel is one of the commodities which effects the inflation too and disturb your financial planning.


There are a few ways you can save some fuel and at last money.

Luckily there are a lot of easy things you can do to save. There are a few steps to explore.

Use of the smaller car is more favorable

Driving a smaller car instead of SUV save a lot of money, all matters are what’s your requirement.

If you are traveling with your family picnic trip, traveling with SUV is good, but if you are using your vehicle from office to home and home to the office a small car is a great choice.

Check Car alignment regularly

Car alignment not only is it about safety but also smooth driving keeps your fuel consumption proper.

Disbalance of your car required additional fuel consumption for keeping your vehicle in speed.

Have you checked your car alignment?

Keep your vehicle lighter while driving

The higher weight you drag your vehicle to consume more fuel.

Remove unwanted stuff from your track, keep your vehicle lighter. Normally we keep some house stuff in the vehicle for repairing or maintenance purpose.

Remove immediately and don’t load if not required.

Avoid using the vehicle for nearby places

If you are going to nearby places, avoid using your car and try to walk, or you can use your two wheeler bike for small works.

I recently purchased a two-wheeler bike just to save money for car fuel.

Park your car before radius of massi market

Everyone wants to park his car just in front of their destination. Why don’t they?

After all, you are a car owner.

But that brings imbalance in the parking structure of the market. I see so many people circling around to get closer to the doors and wasting time and gas in the process.

Next time you park your vehicle in the first place you get and walk to your destination.

Yes, I am also talking about health conscious.

Take shorten route

google map

Shorten route not only save your time but also your fuel.

Google Map is one of the great mobile application shows your shortest route after punching your current location and destination.

Avoid Speeding the vehicle

Speeding your vehicle not only save your life but also save your fuel. Use of accelerator paddle with the force will use additional fuel as required.

Mechanical proven if you use additional accelerator paddle that will burn additional fuel.

Close your vehicle engine will standing idle

A lot of inspirational advertisements encourage people to close your ignition during traffic signals or traffic jams, that will not only save your fuel but also reduces air pollution.

Money saving ideas while having kids (6 ways)

I never realize having kids is the best gift from God, but as your kids grow younger, you are bound to find new ways to save or manage the expenditure on your kids.


I found some areas and creative ways to save extra money.

I am sure everybody must implement a couple of ideas to save some money.

Let’s begin with ~ 

Make your own study material

If you are from teaching background, you can customize your own study material for your kids, instead of purchase study material package from school.

There are a lot of online websites which allow you to download or participate free for the better learning of your child.

Don’t buy entertainment for kids

Stop paying for entertainment, kids always required love and time of your parents.

You can buy entertainment for your kids but, I recommend some of the examples which are free:

  • Watch movie with your kid
  • Play in your campus garden
  • Help your kids with the school project.

I am sure you must have several other ways to entertain your kid.

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Stay Home and enjoy

Keeping your kid at home allows you, Fancy tows and entertainment games platforms etc. attract your child, and in the result, it will directly affect your pocket.

Stay home and plan once a week to shopping or any other place and try to entertain your kid at home.

Go Camping

Camping is very popular in foreign countries, exploring new places nearby your place with the cheapest way, your kid also enjoys the movement.

Must of the places allow the family place to stay with all facilities with very less expenditure.

Get homemade or rented fashion dress

Halloween day

Fancy dress competitions, Halloween day, Christmas day, Diwali celebration, teachers day and many more, every occasion required fancy dress for your kid.

Are you ready to buy a dress for every event?

No not at all!

I found one of the fancy dress collectors, he uses to rent the dress with the nominal price for a couple of days.

Avoid expensive birthday party

Organizing a birthday party is like a gamble with no limit table. more and more idea is floating in the market to make your budget fatty.

Try to through party to your kid’s friends circle only not parents. That would directly cut down your expenditure by 75%.

Simple food what kids like, games, music, dance are really good.

Allow yourself to throw a reasonable party rather than making sure it lives up to everyone else’s.

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More to come!

We’re coming up with more and more money saving ideas so bookmark this page and come back to it. There are more saving ideas to come!

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