Are you financially healthy? – Self Diagnose

By | 05/13/2018

Being in financial shape is like keeping your body in shape, all you have to do is some financial exercises. In this article, you must get financial health assessment indicators checkup and get your financial health reset. Are you financially healthy? A lot of people look this question in different ways and the definition of financial… Read More »

What is Form 15G Form 15H?

By | 05/04/2018

The major part of Indian economy still in the hands of lower and middle-class people. They use to keep their savings in the form of Fixed deposits in the Banks, the most trustable form of keeping your money and get back with interest. Once in a year, everybody heard about Form 15G and 15H. In this… Read More »

How income tax department treat consultancy income?

By | 05/01/2018

Looking at the current scenario, the concept of working both for the employer and the employee is getting in a different segment. Working as a consultant is very flexible and independent, many of the company working in projects use to appoint an experienced person as a consultant. how much tax on consultancy income imposed. How Income Tax department treat… Read More »

5 Ways to boost your investment returns

By | 04/19/2018

Looking at current scenario investor is facing several challenges to enhance the higher rate of return on their investment, Here are few tips which can help you improve return on investment. The market consists of several platforms in which you can invest your savings, for every platform there must be a separate strategy to make… Read More »