Stock Selection Strategies

By | 02/19/2018

How to research stocks?  How Stock Market drives your Personal Financial Growth A simple answer ‘How to select Stock for Investment‘ right? Right, but the question is How? There are several options resolving over your head like: Listen to Expert on Bussiness Channels  every Morning Follow the tips received through SMS Guideline from your Trading company… Read More »

What is Operating Profit Margin Ratio?

By | 02/14/2018

Operating Profit Margin ratio tells us how company operations contribute to improving the Profitability of the company. Healthy Profit Margin helps the company to earn more money for their shareholders. Operating Profit margin is simple words indicates how much company earns after deducting expenses like wages, raw material etc. Operating Profit Margin Ratio Basically, this… Read More »

Received Income Tax Notice? (Learn about It)

By | 02/13/2018

“Notice” word itself bring a lot of panic among taxpayer. Income Tax Notice is not always brought you into trouble but also keep you away from it. However, Some Income Tax Notice is harmful and some are harmless In this article, you will surely understand the kind of Income Tax Notice, intimation u/s, the reason behind the Notice and… Read More »

Want to Buy a House (Top Tips)

By | 02/08/2018

Buying House in your Area, you have spent 12 years of your life on Rent, You have emotionally attached from that area, people nearby. Due to a competitive market, it is difficult to buy a house in the high-cost area, Depending upon your Salary. Purchase your own house have many advantages, it will save your… Read More »

What is Beta Stocks

By | 02/07/2018

You have already heard of the term High Beta or Low Beta Stocks in share market, What does it mean and how this term ‘Beta’ supports the investor to select the company and earn good amount of profit. In this article, we will get to know about the High Beta or Low Beta Stocks and their… Read More »

Long Term Capital Gain-LTCG (Budget 2018)

By | 02/05/2018

Long Term Capital Gain Tax brought a shocking scenario for the Long-term Investor, Up to the previous Budget, there is no such Long-Term Capital Gain-LTCG regime for the investor. During Budget announcement Finance Minister Shri Arun Jhateli, introduces New Tax regime of Long-Term Capital Gain for 10% exceeding ₹ 1 Lakh. In Simple Words: What is Long Term Capital Gain Tax Long… Read More »