Smart Ways to Improve Return on investment

By | 01/11/2019

Investment is an art! And getting the return as expected is really satisfactory. There are three questions arises: Have you invested in the right platform in the right manner? Are you getting a good return? Do you want to boost your investment return? In this article, you will get in touch with some of the fruitful roadmaps to improve your investment… Read More »

Treatment of Taxation for “Agriculture Income” – Complete Guide

By | 11/21/2018

Major Portion of Indian Economy includes “Agriculture portion”. What would be the treatment of taxation for agriculture income? Most of the people still including farmers are unaware of the taxation system and ignore to fill income tax return. Although Agriculture income is exempt under section 10(1) of the Income-tax Act. Income incurred from agriculture up to ₹ 5000… Read More »

Financial Resolution 2019 (That Actually Works)

By | 11/03/2018

Every year comes with an enthusiasm for new resolutions to achieve the target and implementation of new habits which will impact the whole life. Have you set a resolution for your financial health. In this article “Financial Resolution 2019”, you get to know low efforts resolution which will impact your holding. Making you money health and fruitful,… Read More »