Best Financial Planning for Salaried Employee

Being an employee, thinking about work, assignments, an increment is natural, but you forget to invest your saving in a proper fruitful way, which causes a loss in your return of income, In this article we will discuss best financial planning for a salaried employee.

Employee investment mistakes are seen for almost 100% employee nowadays.

The question is:

How to save salary in India?

You are already very much talented to just implement basis rules and get rid of investment mistakes and activate another source of income.

Always have a salary saving plan!

We are trying to highlight the strategies for investment segments.

best saving idea for salaried employee

Here are some of the financial technics which was usually Ignore-

Prepare your Income statement

Making a note of your income helps you to remember the sum of an amount you earn on the weekly or monthly basis. usually, you are very much busy with your daily schedule and also unable to remember the amount of income.

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The biggest mistake employee made while investing is ‘Investing without planning’ investing in a fruitful platform provides the better return on your portfolio.

Fake Investment Tips

Fake investment tips are floating on the market which shows glittering results, most of the employees attract and invest their savings in it, and the consequences are a big loss.

Although a high paid Employee doesn’t get any difference with it, it will mark a spot on your investments.

Investments are directly related to two things.

  1. Boost your Portfolio (Savings)
  2. Accomplishment of Aim

 Employee Investment MistakesFund Diversification

There are tons of platform available on the market- Equity, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Fixed Deposit, Insurance Policy, and every category gots another subcategory.

Fund diversification is one of the employee investment mistakes which drives the portfolio on rough roads.

You must distribute the funds in the different available platform with different requirements.

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Keeping money in Saving Account

Employee investment mistakes also include keeping money in savings account, which will provide a nominal interest of 6 % in India.

You always go with fixed deposits or recurring deposits to get better returns more than saving accounts.

Taking Benefits of Tax saving Opinions

Being a high taxpayer, you must aware of the Tax benefits options and you will have to avail the benefits to get rid of high taxes, which will reduce the weight of your pocket.

In recent day most of the employee is not aware of those things.

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Always use a piggy bank

When I was a kid I always use to keep the chances in my piggy bank, when the amount is healthy I use to buy a cricket bat, ball or anything keep me happy.

And now today also:

I keep the changes in the same piggy bank and when the amount becomes health, I use to put the whole amount in SIP.

These strategies also help “how to save money from salary in India”.

For more details, you must refer

Although, every employee nowadays having EMI’s of their Home Loans, Car Loans, Education Loans, Retirement Planning etc. Seeking Good, and avoiding Financial mistakes will help you earn and also that part will get your EMI’s reduced.

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