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Allow me to share awesome information about PPF (Public Provident Fund)

By | 09/18/2018

Public provident fund (PPF) is one of the best investment segments available in India. The government control the interest rate and guarantee the investor return. Cutting long story short: In this article, you will get all the basic information related to the public provident fund. How PPF boost the value of the investment. We will start with ppf information.… Read More »

Awesome! 5 Financial lessons from Lord Ganesha

By | 09/13/2018

Lord Ganesha holds the position of “PRATHAM PUJAYA” (worship at first position), in the Indian mythology. If you knew more you will get awesome financial lessons from Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is believed to bring in prosperity, wealth, and growth. Always look at the bigger picture Lord Ganesha, lesson first teach to look at the bigger picture of… Read More »

Exemption of (HRA) House Rent Allowance u/s 10(13A) – Calculation Guide

By | 08/27/2018

(HRA) House Rent Allowance u/s 10(13A) exemption, confused! Every employee heard and seen this term “(HRA) House Rent Allowance” in their salary slip. The question is  “Is HRA taxable?” The answer is “Yes and No”. In this article, you will understand the whole story behind house rent tax exemption, how we can get tax exemption u/s… Read More »

What brings corporate into retail?

By | 08/20/2018

You must admit it! being an owner bring confidence and self-respect. Even a vegetable seller treat himself an owner, but actually, he is! Promptly, he doubles his investment on daily basis, debt-free business. The retail business model definitely doubles the investment on weekly basis, if executed professionally. That was the reason most of the BIG FISH like Reliance… Read More »