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What is Beta Stocks

By | 07/29/2018

What is beta stocks, you have already heard of the term high beta or low beta stocks in the share market, what does it mean and how this term ‘beta’ supports the investor to select the company and earn good amount of profit. In this article, we will get to know about the high beta… Read More »

What is Face Value of the company?

By | 05/29/2018

The face value of the company The stock face value of the company is the value initially fixed by the issuer of the company. It is the original value of the stock shown in the share certificate. While company decided to raise fund through IPO. The original value of the company is the face value of… Read More »

5 Ways to boost your investment returns

By | 04/19/2018

Looking at current scenario investor is facing several challenges to enhance the higher rate of return on their investment, Here are few tips which can help you improve return on investment. The market consists of several platforms in which you can invest your savings, for every platform there must be a separate strategy to make… Read More »

What is Return on Capital Employed

By | 03/03/2018

What is Capital Employed Capital Employed is the value of assets used by the company to contribute the earning of the company, is simple method capital employed is calculated by subtracting Total assets from Liability. The Capital Employed is generally not as much use for the fundamental analysis of the company, but the ratio analysis help to… Read More »

Foreign Institutional Investors role in Stock Market (updated)

By | 01/29/2018

Every Investor already heard the term “Foreign Institutional Investors”, which is commonly used in the stock market, the involvement of  Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) is very dense in the market, FII is the bodies like Mutual Funds, Insurance companies, banks etc registered in the Country. As the FII holds a huge amount of money, of the people,… Read More »