Allow me to share awesome information about PPF (Public Provident Fund)
Public provident fund (PPF) is one of the best investment segments available in India. The government control the interest rate and guarantee the
Awesome! 5 Financial lessons from Lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha holds the position of "PRATHAM PUJAYA" (worship at first position), in the Indian mythology. If you knew more you will get awesome financial lessons from Lord
Deduction on Interest Income u/s "80TTA & 80TTB"
How to claim deduction on interest income under section 80TTA/ 80TTB?


Under section 80TTA, if you earn income your bank deposit, that would be exempted (but
How Mutual Funds Make You Rich (Assured Return)?
Mutual Funds is the platform generally used by the Investors to invest for the Long-term benefits. Benefits of Mutual Fund are uncountable, also the Investment Platform
What is the best money saving idea for salaried employee?
Being an employee, thinking about work, assignments, an increment is natural, but you forget to invest your saving in a proper fruitful way, which causes a loss
Meaning and taxation on "Income from other sources"
Income from other sources under income tax act is the head of the income which is unidentified.

ITR Form I - VI, there is a separate column specified for the income
Exemption of (HRA) House Rent Allowance u/s 10(13A)
(HRA) House Rent Allowance u/s 10(13A) exemption, confused!

Every employee heard and seen this term "(HRA) House Rent Allowance" in their salary slip.

The question
What would be the salary of "housewife mom"?
Salary of housewife mom!

Are you out of your mind, 99% of people think of it.

In our society, many things are frozen "unchangeable".

A cleaner always works as a cleaner.

Shares Fundamental Analysis (Complete Guide) for 2019
Everybody either an employee or a businessman, a shopkeep or a student want to make money how: shares fundamental analysis and financial ratio drive you nearer to
What brings corporate into retail?
You must admit it! being an owner bring confidence and self-respect.

Even a vegetable seller treat himself an owner, but actually, he is!

Promptly, he doubles his investment on