How to Multiply Money in India – [PROVEN ways]


How to Multiply Money in India

Almost every Indian wondering and debating How to Multiply Money in India, the approach for this question for every person is different according to their core profession.

Some are already in the small or middle scale business, Some are self-employed, some are employees, some still wondering to do something for living.

If you want to double your money there are two basic approaches.

  • Increase your inflow.
  • Decrease your outflow.

How to Increase Source of Income in India

If you improve your source of income/Second Income, from different areas your cash flow in accounting language always on a positive scale and it will definitely double your money. This is one of the best approaches towards how to beat Recession.

Benefits of various source of income

If you are an employee even you are holding a nice package of salary, there must be a majority of an employee who is not satisfied with their job. There are various reasons.

  • Payscale
  • Boss
  • Job satisfaction
  • many more…

But they don’t have any choice, if you create a second income source, you are mentally and financially stable and if your passive income is fruitfull, you are not any more slave of any of your employer, that would allow you to enter into self-employment.

  • Don’t bother to walk up early in the morning, to get ready for office, rather walk up and enjoy the beautiful morning and have some workout.
  • It gives you complete freedom to live your life according to your own terms.
  • Working from Home gives you the flexibility of doing works differently.
  • You don’t have to wait for your salary payday for making a major expenditure.

list of passive income in India

What is passive income? – Passive Income derived from such income which flows 24X7 into your pocket sounds interesting, but it’s true, if you have opted for any of the passive income ideas in India which suits your passion or interest, it will definitely multiply your money. Here are some options for the best way to multiply money in India.

  • Online Income Options
  • Investments Income Options
  • Part-time business Ideas Options
  • Other Passionate money-generating options.

What is the best way to make passive income in India?

There are tons of ways to create a second income source available for every aspect of person some required money and some don’t, some required ideas and some required hard work.

Online Income Options

  • Blogging with your favorite niche.
  • Sale your product online via Amazon or Flipkart
  • Earn from Youtube
  • Online Courses/Ebook
  • Web Hosting
  • Social media marketing
  • Dropshipping – Like Zomato, Ola
  • Affiliated marketing

Investments Income Options

  • Equity Market Investment
  • Mutual Funds Investment
  • Derivative market Investment
  • Fixed Deposit Investment
  • Property Investment
  • Gold or Silver Investment
  • Index Fund
  • Currency Trading

Part-time business Ideas Options

  • Renting out your car
  • Renting out office space
  • Renting out free house space
  • Preparing projects for Bank Loan
  • Financial investment ideas
  • Broker for property/cars/mobile phones/second-hand products

There are some Other Passionate money-generating options in which you have an option which is directly related to your hobbies. You can easily convert your hobbies to your passive income.

Here are some examples above that probably suit your criteria to start your passive income today! & how to generate extra income in India.

You can either monetize your existing skills, or learn new skills that make money online.

Even if you stop doing work, their passive income will take care of all the needs of life.

How to start making passive income

Most of the people have zero passive income, they are completely depending upon the job income or their core income, the main reason is they don’t afford to take the risk to lose a job.

They all are completely correct, This realization makes the tough goal of financial independence more difficult. So what is the solution? Take a baby step.

Think different!

You have to think like that, you have to shift your dependency from your Job income to passive income.

Every person is gifted with something special, which will help you convert your talent into passive income. 

SO If you are really passionate about your passive income, so start thinking about leaving your job.

Generating few penny’s here and there in the name of passive income will not help to improve the quality of life. But building a passive income source with the overall objective of “financial independence” has powers to transform lives for good.

How to double the money using passive income

If you really want to double your money in India there are filtered two options available.

  • With Investment
  • Without Investment

Without investment is the best option for a salary because the real story is they don’t have the money and courage to take the risk.

How to control money expenditure in India

Making Money in India or in any other country, need some trimming work on a weekly basis.

Some things travel with constant speed without any help or energy depending upon the circumstances. Your portfolio is one of the examples of it.

All you have to do is to check whether you are getting a constant market return.

If Yes then, its time to fix booster in your investments.

Investment is an art!

And getting the return as expected is really satisfactory.

If you ask an expert about this, they will directly show you the investment segment (Equity, Fixed Deposit, Mutual Funds and many more). which is good but, that will provide you return according to market valuation. No one shows you the step by step guide to improve and boost your portfolio.

There are three questions arises:

  • Have you invested in the right platform in the right manner?
  • Are you getting a good return?
  • Do you want to boost your investment return?

In this article, you will get in touch with some of the fruitful roadmaps to improve your investment return & How to Multiply Money in India.

Before diving in, first, we have to understand some of the basic concepts of investment (I am sure most of you already aware off).

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Major investment platforms other than your core area (business, employment or self consultancy) we all are aware of:

  1. Stock Market (also known as share market)
  2. Fixed Deposit (most active and trusted platform)
  3. Public Provident fund
  4. Gold
  5. Property

Everybody invest in some way or other by different investment strategy.

Ultimate Return Improvement actions from Stock Market


What we all do to invest in the stock market directly or indirectly?

Two open segments – Mutual fund and Equity market (I am also including commodity market) in it.

The major concern every investor’s experience is the rate of return is either not satisfactory or in negative.

There are several reasons behind it:

  • Maybe you haven’t invested in the right stock at the right time.
  • Are you following your friends advice without self-assessment of the company?
  • There are tons of reasons ~

You have to follow certain steps before investing in the stock market:

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Company Valuation

Everybody while investing needs to buy a stock at the lower price and sell it at a higher price. You are aware of the art of company valuation, any time you want to invest, you will get the company with low valuation in the sector as well as the high valuation company.

Time factor

Buying a stock at the right time and selling the stock at the right time is the key to get a great profit. You must get rid of the emotional attachment to the stock, just mark a benchmark with the price of the stock and when you get the price of the stock just book your profit.

Selection of the company

Small vs large companies, companies in the small sector seems attractive but also carry high risk than large companies over time. Large companies holding the faith of the investor as also get first preference while investing. As per investor, you must hold shares from small cap also.


Making money also required diversification of your portfolio, user portfolio consists of Shares, Mutual funds, Bonds, commodities, Properties, etc to get an average Profit at any face of time. All have a different correlation with each other, every platform reacts differently to a market situation.


Time to you have rebalanced your portfolio for short-term as well as long-term, some of the stock required averaging due to change in prices. You also have to book your profit as per your strategy, Re-balancing is the smart and effective way to buy low and sell high.

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There are few changes and a few regular activities required to boost your investment in the stock market:

Why? Because your investment will be directly linked with the online trigger of the market and you will get the current market price along with profit and loss of your investment

I personally use moneycontrol, It will allow me to inject all my investment (Equity, mutual funds, ULIP, fixed deposit, recurring deposit). It also provides me P/L account data for tax assessment purpose.

  • Always tag your benchmark and execute for sale or purchase, don’t be greedy, book profit
  • If you are planning to invest a huge amount, don’t invest in a lump sum, get it averaging.
  • Avoid circuit shares.
  • Avoid margin trading.
  • Most people use to get an entry when the company is in news, I recommend to wait for some time and enter, you will get a valuation.

How minor changes in Fixed deposit results to be fruitful

Fixed deposit is itself a perfect trusted platform for the investor, for the better return, I recommend to keep the time period up to only 1 (one) year.


Because you can enjoy the change of rate and also after expiry, the amount can be transferred to other segments very easily, sometimes a better opportunity floats for the little period of time if required and you can also mark that fixed deposit as an emergency fund.

Always keep your fixed deposit with a different bank.

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How a common man fill its piggy bank from his Gold in a form of jewelry through Gold monetization scheme

Gold monetization scheme

Under this scheme, an individual required to deposit the idle gold lying in lockers or home to the government and the government will pay back interest over and above price appreciation.

You can earn interest up to 2.5% per annum. On the other hand, the government has to take care of your gold security you don’t have to keep your gold in lockers and pay an annual fee to the banks.

Don’t keep your saving account money idle, open a recurring account (just for one year) and enjoy fixed deposit interest rate.

I have shared all the technics I have used with my investment and my return used to be enhanced by 5%-6 % annually. After implementing these formulae please share your experience in the comment box.

Here is a beautiful infographic compiled which reveal the marks according to your mistakes and step required to improve your financial mistakes. 

How to save money in india

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