Section 80D – Tax benefit for (Health, Medical Treatment premium) [AY 2019-20]

section 80d deduction

Deduction under section 80D is another option for the taxpayers to claim from his total income. The taxpayer is eligible is to take benefit under section 80d deduction of the income tax act. Section 80D talks about health insurance premium and checkup expenditure, if you have incurred expenses towards medical insurance or medical checkup, then … Read more

What is Fees u/s 234F? (Penalty for Late Filing Income Tax Return)

what is fee u/s 234f in income tax

Better be aware of filling income tax return on time, Income tax penalty under section 234F is introduced from the financial year 2017-2018. This is also known as the penalty for not filing itr. In this article, we understand the consequences and impact of filing late income tax return. Although filling income tax is not … Read more

Tax deduction u/s “80G” of Income Tax Act (relief on charity)

Tax deduction donation under section 80G

“80G” of the income tax act is the vast topic, this article reveals the facts on Tax deduction donation under section 80G made to certain charitable institutions under section 80g of income tax act. Charity is treated as humanity towards society, help for the poor, that’s why Government provides relief under section 80g of the income tax … Read more

How to fill IT return in 5 Minutes: The Complete Guide (2019-20)

how to fill itr1

Filing income tax return online, the employee tax return is always being a difficult task every year, You have to run behind the tax consultant and your employer for preparing complete documents and filing your return. After going through this article “, you will not only fill your return but also become friendly with Income … Read more

What is Form 15G Form 15H?

Form 15G and 15H

The major part of Indian economy still in the hands of lower and middle-class people. They use to keep their savings in the form of Fixed deposits in the Banks, the most trustable form of keeping your money and get back with interest. Once a year, everybody heard about Form 15G and 15H. In this article, … Read more