Long Term Capital Gain Tax Calculator in Excel

Long Term Capital Gain Tax Calculator in Excel_

Looking for long term capital gain tax calculator in excel, you are at the right place. LTCG Tax is popularly known for the sale of the property, agriculture land or any Equity-linked shares, which was held for more than 24 months.

In easy terms, if the difference of purchase of any assets and sales for that asset is more then 24 months that would attract long term capital gain tax. If the same property is holding for less then 24 months that would be short term capital gain (STCG).

Calculation of capital gain Tax

Tax Slab on Capital gains tax

Indexation benefit only applies if your asset qualifies for long term capital gains tax post indexation.

How does CII calculation work

Gross Long Term Capital Gain = Fair Market Value or Sale Price (–) Expense on Transfer (–) Index Cost of Purchase (–) Index Cost of Improvement”

Index cost of Purchase = Actual cost * CII for Year of Sale/ CII for Year of Purchase

Index cost of Improvement = Cost of Improvement * CII for Year of Sale/CII for Year of Improvement

This formula is applicable to both property and agriculture land.

Let’s understand the whole scenario with an example:

  • Long-term capital gain= Full value consideration.
  • (-) Expenses incurred for transfer (Like Brokerage, Stamp Duty, Travelling expenses etc)
  • (-) Indexed cost of acquisition
  • (-) Indexed cost of improvement/Repairing/Maintenance
  • Finally Long term capital gain Tax

All the value must be travel through CII (Cost Inflation Index) which was declared by the Government of India from time to time.

Cost Inflation Index Chart

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long term capital gain calculator for AY 2019-20

Long Term Capital Gain Calculator

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