What is Operating Profit Margin Ratio?

What is Operating Profit Margin ratio

Operating profit margin ratio tells us how company operations contribute to improving the profitability of the company. Healthy profit margin helps the company to earn more money for their shareholders. Operating profit margin is simple words indicates how much a company earns after deducting expenses like wages, raw material etc. Operating Profit Margin Ratio Basically, … Read more

Foreign Institutional Investors role in Stock Market (updated)

Foreign Institutional Investors role in Stock Market

Every Investor already heard the term “Foreign Institutional Investors”, which is commonly used in the stock market, the involvement of  Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) is very dense in the market, FII is the bodies like Mutual Funds, Insurance companies, banks etc registered in the Country. As the FII holds a huge amount of money, of the people, … Read more

What is Corporate Restructuring? (Time to change)

What is Corporate Restructuring

Corporate Restructuring is basically the processor to a restructuring of the Financial condition of the company during the financial trouble, the companies holding high debt, unable to pay the debt on time, usually restructure the financial scenario to pay the debt as well as interest. During a downtrend, most of the companies use to enter … Read more