How to verify income tax return – Awesome! (6) Easy Ways

e-verify income tax return

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to verify income tax return using pre-validation. E verification of ITR is mandatory otherwise it will be treated unfilled. Once your ITR is uploaded on the e-filing website, you get 120 days to verify your return. ITR form asks the taxpayer before the commencement of filling your return to “select … Read more

How to file income tax return of deceased person in India? + Get Legal Heir Certificate!

how to file income tax return of deceased person in india

In the real world, some events can said to be uncertain, death of the dear one brings a lot of responsibility to the second-hand command of the house. Apart from the loss, his family has to confront issues relating to the transfer and distribution of the deceased’s estate, which includes all his property, assets, etc. … Read more

Capital Gains Sale of Agricultural Land: Section 54B Exemption 2019-20

capital gain on sale of agricultural land

Agriculture land which is reducing day by day for basic agriculture purposes, the main cause is population everybody wants land for agriculture or some other purpose, like (residential, commercial etc). This article is all about capital gain on sale of agricultural land. In India agriculture land only be available in a rural area or urban … Read more