What is management efficiency ratio & its importance

management efficiency ratio

Management efficiency ratio provides the role of management in the industry to the investor, the management required to be efficient to handle any kind of situation in the company and the management must aware of the bottom line – “profit line”. Every situation in the business brings two possibilities: First how to overcome and other is … Read more

10 Best Part Time Side Business Ideas for 2019 – (Work From Home)

best part-time business ideas

Everybody desire to earn more money to satisfy their own and family needs. Selection of best part-time business ideas according to your skills and choice will help you earn more money. Part-time business is best, due to its flexibility: Part-time business is just to make you busy and earn money to do something not to become rich. … Read more

What is Return on Capital Employed

What is Capital Employed Capital Employed is the value of assets used by the company to contribute the earning of the company, is simple method capital employed is calculated by subtracting Total assets from Liability. The Capital Employed is generally not as much use for the fundamental analysis of the company, but the ratio analysis help to … Read more

Debt to Assets Ratio – (Calculation and Importance)

Debt to Assets Ratio

Debt to Assets ratio is the financial parameter to calculate the percentage of Debt, which was paid from their assets. Some of the investor use this indicator as company financial health and some interpret that the company capability to pay their liability. The whole business in any sector revolve around “assets” and “liability” In simple language, … Read more