Section 80D Income tax Act – Tax benefit for (Health, Medical Treatment)

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Deduction under section 80D is another option for the taxpayers to claim from his total income. The taxpayer is eligible is take benefit of deduction section 80d of income tax act.

Section 80D talks about health insurance premium and checkup expenditure,  if you have incurred expenses towards medical insurance or medical checkup, then you can avail the benefit u/s 80D.

Under this section 80D, not only the individual but spouse along with children and parents (Senior citizen) or (super Senior citizen) expenditure on medical insurance and health checkup would be avail.

Age above 60 years – (senior citizen)

Age above 80 years – (Super senior citizen)

Section 80D Income tax Act

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How taxpayer takes benefit u/s 80D of Income tax act.

If you look carefully to income tax return form, there are several segments available to take benefit against your expenditure towards health insurance for (yourself, spouse, children, parents) and health checkup for (yourself, spouse, children, parents).

80 D

The above table is the options through the taxpayer select the category and enter the amount, the system forwards the eligible amount and that would the amount exempted from your income.

Health Insurance premium u/s 80D

There are seven different types of deductions that you can claim under section 80D.

  • First health insurance premium paid for you & your family
  • Second insurance premium paid for you (senior citizen) & your family
  • Tax deduction on insurance premium paid for parents
  • Tax deduction on insurance premium paid for parents (senior citizen)
  • Insurance premium paid for self with family and parents
  • Insurance premium paid for self with family and parents (senior citizen)
  • Last Insurance premium paid for self (senior citizen) with family and parents (senior citizen)

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80D health insurance premium

How much deduction can you avail?

The table below provides the amount you can avail in the different category:

Medical Expenditure u/s 80D

Medical expenditure consists of three categories (this category is specifically for super senior citizen):

  • Self (super senior citizen) and family.
  • Parents (super senior citizen).
  • Self (super senior citizen)& family (super senior citizen)including parents (super senior citizen).

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80D medical expenditure

How much amount medical expenditure avail under section 80D

Medical expenditure is segmenting available for Super senior citizen only, the details of an amount is provided in the table below:

Preventive health check-up u/s 80D

Preventive health checkup u/s 80D, you can claim expenses incurred up to Rs. 5,000 for each financial year.

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There are three categories available to claim for the medical checkup.

Section D health checkup

Health check-up consists of three categories:

  • Self and Family
  • Parents
  • Self & family & parents

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In all three option, the taxpayer can avail the benefit of Rs. 5,000, which is the maximum total deduction allowed for preventive health check-up.

Finance ministry declared in budget 2018 to hike the exemption under section 80d for senior citizen up to ₹ 50000 which was effected from 1st April 2019, the assessment year 2019-2020.

Now that you know everything about tax exemptions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Don’t forget to get the benefits of the section.

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