What Smoking cost your saving? ( $million or a $billion)

The percentage of smoking in enhancing day by day, it is very popular among youngsters and in colleges. Have you ever think about quit smoking save money.


Because it just cost you ₹ 10 in India.

Today after going through this article, you will realize that smoking not only scratching your lifespan but also you are not only lighting your cigarette but also your savings.

Smoking has a harmful effect on your body and Health, Every cigarette manufacturer print warning label in every cigarette packet and you also aware of that.

Cigarette smoking also causes diseases like Lung cancer, Heart diseases and other smoking-related problems to your body. Smoking not only impacts your Health but also impact your Saving.

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Smoking Expenses drained out the large part of your saving.

Your Spending on Smoking

According to the report more then 1 out of 10 deaths globally occurs due to smoking.

The average cost of the cigarette packet of 10 Nos. is ₹ 120 in India.

If your average consumption is 1 packet a day, that means you are drilling your pocket by ₹ 3600 per month in India, and ₹ 43200 per annum.

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And If you smoke for 10 years avoiding the inflation on a cigarette, you have expanded ₹ 432000 for that.

If you are an employee with 25000 per month of salary and you can able to save ₹ 5000 per month ( I am talking about higher side), it will take 86 months to build that much amount you smoke in cigarettes.  

If you consider the inflation and place of living and your company of friends and colleague it would be 10-20% higher.

On the other hand, If you invest ₹ 3600 every month in some good mutual Funds or Equity, that means ₹ 43200 annually, you will get the return of around 10% average, saw 4320 per years:

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and if you compounded it for 10 years, You will get ₹ 757346.

Below table can clear your doubts:

Smokers Expenses

So basically you have lost ₹ 432000 being a smoker and ₹ 757346 a loss due to uninvested in mutual funds.

In totality, you lost ₹ 1189346 (financial impact of smoking)

Yes, its ₹ 11 Lakhs:

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This amount is very huge. You have just turn ₹ 1189346 into flames.

You can buy 1/2 BHK flat from this amount, most of the people take years to build a dream house.

This figures shivered your whole body. This figure doubles if you go for 20 years i.e. ₹ 2378692.

you can use this amount for down payment for buying a villa

or you can give the best education to your child from that figure.

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Smokers Expenditure beyond the price of Cigarette

Smoking Expenses not only count on the purchase of Cigarette but also you have to pay additional money for the purchase of packet.

You also have to pay a higher Insurance premium as Smoker zone.

Health issues other than major also required expenses like cleaning of teeth, expenses like cleaning cars, houses clothing.

You also have to take into account the loss of associated money.

Just by kicking the habit you not only boost your financial status but also rid of health issues. You are several rehabilitation centers help you lose the grip on cigarettes.

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